Water… Infusions

It’s simple. It’s summer, hydration is key. Over the years, I’ve come up with a series of recipes to keep my water fresh, interesting and most importantly – tasty.

The infusions are simple. Fresh, clean herbs or spices and cold, filtered water. Put it in a pitcher and let it “steep” in the fridge for a while. I’ve personally had the best luck with those below.

    ✦ Mint

    ✦ Basil

    ✦ Thyme

    ✦ Ginger – peel into long strips

    ✦ Cinnamon – whole sticks

Key warning – I wouldn’t leave any of the whole, leafy herbs in water for more than a day or so. They will start to brown and get slimy.

The next step is to get creative and start trying some combinations. These are my favorite “mixers”. Play with it, find what works for you, and keep me posted on what you find works well.

    ✦ Cucumber – the English seedless ones, thinly sliced work great

    ✦ Lemon – sliced or in wedges, Meyer lemons tend to be a little bitter sweeter (yes, that is possible)

    ✦ Lime – prepare like the lemons

I personally don’t like to add any sweetener to my infusions – not just to keep the calorie count down, but because I honestly feel that the right combinations are so refreshing without the sweetness, it’s just not necessary. But if you must, I’d suggest sticking to a minimal amount of raw sugar or honey and stir well.

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