Baked Pears in a Chocolate-Riesling Sauce

It takes a lot to get me to turn on the oven in the summer, but when the temperature outside drops below 65 degrees it is a little bit easier to persuade me. Plus I really wanted something sweet, but healthy. And I had extra fruit and wine that needed to be used.

Baked Pears in a Chocolate-Riesling Sauce

Serves: 4
Oven: 400 degrees
Cooking time: Approximately 1 hour

4 pears, washed with the bottoms sliced off so they can stand upright while baking
2 cups Riesling wine
1 tbsp dark chocolate vinegar
1/2 – 1 tsp honey to taste, remember there’s plenty of sugar in the fruit and wine as well
1 – 2 cinnamon sticks
zest of 1 orange


Place the pears upright in a baking dish. Whisk the wine, vinegar, honey and orange zest together in a bowl. Pour over the pears.

Bake for approximately 1 hour, basting with the sauce every 15 minutes. Serve in a heat-safe dish, large ramekins work well, with a few spoonfuls of the sauce poured over each pear.

Additional Notes:
I also used apples in my first try – simply wash and core the apples, trimming the bottoms like the pears, if needed. Additionally, this dessert is also perfectly okay to be made in advance. I refrigerated the pears, covered in their serving dishes, and the sauce, in a separate container, overnight. I then warmed the sauce over a low-medium burner, whisking constantly, before spooning over the chilled pears.

I’d imagine a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream would also go well on the side of this treat, but I can’t actually testify to that.


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